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Attend Community Infrastructure Levy & s106 Masterclass on 13 October for your complete guide to the management, collection and spending of CIL. You will hear the latest policy and updates on the proposed changes to CIL and s106 introduced in the Planning for the Future White Paper.

The event explores how CIL and s106 can be used to deliver infrastructure that your local authority needs by providing strategies for prioritising the spending of funds.

Attend to hear experts share critical insight on the most common challenges faced in the management and collection of CIL and how they can be avoided. You will hear how guidance on how CIL currently works alongside s106, conducting viability assessments, and the legalities of enforcing the levy.

Highlights of attending

  • Hear the latest policy and plans for CIL and s106 including the proposals to replace the levy

  • Understand how to avoid the most common challenges and pitfalls when administrating and managing CIL    

  • Explore the enforcement of CIL and how to manage the intricacies of CIL and self-builders

  • Receive practical guidance on how to manage the spending of CIL and deliver the infrastructure local authorities need  

  • Evaluate how to develop your Infrastructure Funding Statement and best practices for its use   


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