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08:30  to  09:30
Chair’s welcome and opening remarks
09:30  to  09:40
Dr Srinivas Srimath. Director, Air Quality. RSK.
Panel discussion: How has COVID-19 impacted air quality and what does this mean in the short, medium and long term
09:40  to  10:25
  • What are the immediate impacts of COVID-19 on emissions?
  • Changes to travel patterns
  • What actions are needed now to improve air quality?
Justin Bishop. Economist. Arup.
Valentine Quinio. Researcher. Centre for Cities.
Saphia Haffejee. Policy Officer. London Travel Watch.
Philippa Jackson. Barrister. 39 Essex Chambers.
Changing travel patterns and new infrastructure – improving air quality and meeting infrastructure needs
10:25  to  10:45
  • How is travel changing and what infrastructure is needed?
  • Delivering transport infrastructure while supporting improved air quality
Dr. Sam Chapman. Chief Innovation Officer. The Floow.
Portsmouth City Council: Charging Clean Air Zone and Beyond
10:45  to  11:05
  • Air Quality in Portsmouth
  • Charging Clean Air Zone
  • ‘+’ Measures
  • Future Mobility Zone
  • Transport Strategy
Pam Turton. Assistant Director for Transport. Portsmouth City Council.
Morning break and networking
11:05  to  11:30
Urban design and air quality – the role of planning in supporting improved air quality
11:30  to  11:50
  • The changing role of town centres, and introducing measures to improve air quality
  • Area wide urban design – implementing long term solutions to improve air quality
  • The role of planning in supporting and introducing new measures
  • How has COVID impacted city center needs and air quality?
  • The use of pedestrianisation
Bethan Tuckett-Jones. Head of Air Quality. WSP.
The future of clean air zones: current plans and progress with introduction
11:50  to  12:20
  • Update and latest plans
  • Progress with introduction of clean air zones
  • Plans for reducing emissions
Ashley Beighton. Project Manager. Bath & North East Somerset Council.
Cathryn Brown. Clean Air Zone Manager. Bath & North East Somerset Council.
Kristy Revell. Deputy Head CAZ Implementation. Joint Air Quality Unit.
Tom Slater. Deputy Head Strategic Policy and Local Engagement. Joint Air Quality Unit.
Progress with Low Emission Zones in Scotland
12:20  to  12:40
  • Progress and timelines
  • Impact of COVID-19 on plans
  • What other initiatives are supporting low emissions zones
Vincent McInally. Air Quality and Environment Manager. Transport Scotland.
Lunch break and networking
12:40  to  13:30
The role of public health in improving air quality
13:30  to  13:50
  • How might poor air quality impact on future health issues?
  • How can health initiatives be used to support air quality improvements?
  • Changing behaviours
  • Working collaboratively
Dr. Suzanne Bartington. Clinical Research Fellow and Honorary Consultant in Public Health. University of Birmingham.
Meeting NO2 compliance – the Leeds experience
13:50  to  14:10
  • Clean Air Zone proposals
  • Behaviour Change
  • Modelling
  • Next steps
Emma Slater. Project Manager (Sustainable Energy & Air Quality). Leeds City Council.
Panel discussion: Working collaboratively to improve air quality – how to best introduce targeted solutions?
14:10  to  14:50
  • Innovations and new methods to combat poor air quality
  • How can local authorities plan for solutions to improve air quality?  
  • Implementing a joined-up approach  
  • What measures have worked and what hasn’t?
  • How can health, transport and planning teams work together to develop targeted solutions for overcoming poor air quality?
Lucy Hayward-Speight. Transport Planning and Strategy Manager – Air Quality and Environment. Transport for London.
Stav Friedman. Project Officer. Cross River Partnership.
Martin Kraftl. Air Quality Programme Manager. Oxfordshire County Council.
Afternoon break and networking
14:50  to  15:20
Low Cost Sensors and EU Standardisation
15:20  to  15:40
  • Trends and challenges in air quality monitoring
  • Assessing low cost air quality monitors and standardisation
Dr Ying Zhang. Energy & Environment, Strategy Directorate. National Physical Laboratory.
Planning for deployment of zero emission buses and infrastructure
15:40  to  16:00
  • How to determine what zero emission bus solution is right for you?
  • The complexities and trade offs between bus technology and refuelling  / recharging infrastructure
  • How to understand and minimise the costs for zero emission buses and infrastructure?
  • Developing a strategy for transition to zero emissions
  • How to develop a plan for which routes and locations should be prioritised?
Denis Naberezhnykh. Technical Director Sustainable Transport. Ricardo.
Panel discussion: How can air quality be improved in the UK? Current initiatives and what further steps are needed?
16:00  to  16:45
  • Practical measures that can be introduced
  • Mitigation options
  • Case studies and lessons learnt  
  • Is further policy needed to support reduction in emissions?
Roger Barrowcliffe. Founder. Clear Air Thinking.
Sophie Lethier. Parliamentary Officer. UK 100.
Sally Jones. Bradford Clean Air Zone Monitoring & Evaluation Manager. Bradford Council.
Chair’s closing remarks
16:45  to  16:55
Close of conference and post event networking
16:55  to  17:30

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