Prices & Discounts

We offer 15% group discounts on bookings of 2 to 3 attendees. For 4 or more delegates we offer 20%. To discuss further discounts call + 44 (0) 207 067 1597. If you are a charity or academic institution, please contact us to discuss special ticket rates.

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Why virtual?

Virtual conferences add flexibility – watch online from wherever is convenient whether it’s from home or the office. Join and watch live, or all content will be made available after the event on demand. In addition to the main stage and all the content this provides, the online platform features chat - so you can ask your questions to the experts, networking and much more.

Our virtual event platform makes it easy to access all the event content and connect with attendees. Just some of the benefits and features of our virtual events:

Join live from wherever you are

Virtual conferences add flexibility. Watch online live from wherever is convenient, whether it’s from home or the office.

Put your questions to the experts

All sessions are delivered live, so it’s your opportunity to put your questions to our expert speakers throughout the event.


Networking opens the week before the conference allowing you to connect with other attendees. See who’s attending, send chat messages and schedule video calls. The platform also stays open after the event extending your networking time.

Watch back on demand

All the presentations are recorded and are available for 3 months after the event. Watch back all of the content, at any time.