BT’s Wales and South West Digital Technology 20 (DT20) event will uncover our plans for digital transformation in Wales and the South West. 

Digital transformation involves combining technologies to create powerful outcomes for your business – we’ll talk you through how your private or public sector organisation can adapt to achieve a stronger, more inclusive future.

With an enhanced focus on economic growth, equality, efficiency savings and collaboration, this event will share how your organisation can prepare for a smarter digital future. Helping you to: 

  • Build a smarter digital business focusing on profitable growth
  • Create a smarter digital organisation focusing on efficient service delivery
  • Use smarter digital technology to advance, moving more tech to the cloud
  • Develop a skilled, efficient workforce of smarter digital people


There’s no better time to look at how technology can create new, agile ways to work. We understand that businesses have had to rapidly adapt due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are here to inspire you to evolve in both the short and long term so that your organisation can thrive. 

Designed for senior leaders working in the public or private sector, this free event will share our knowledge and insights into the world of agile working with workplace evolution. 

We will also demonstrate the security threats presented by the move to agile working, and how your organisation can stay protected. Our sessions will also uncover the ground-breaking technology of 5G, ways to strive towards green tech innovation and much more. 

As well as hearing from us, we have invited speakers from businesses in Wales and the South West who will take us through their digital journeys – and hopefully inspire yours. 


Add the programme to your calendar below, using the export to button. This inspiring event will feature:

Reshaping the Future of Work
10:10  to  10:30

Nicola Millard, Principal Innovation Partner at BT, will share knowledge and insights into the world of agile working so you can consider adaptations that would work for your organisation. The session will provide first-hand knowledge of security threats and how to overcome them as you adapt your ways of working.

How can 5G bring Wales and the South West to life?
10:30  to  10:50

5G is the next generation of mobile network technology. Fotis Karonis, CTIO BT Enterprise, will uncover the power 5G gives your organisation to work faster – in even the busiest places. Discover 5G’s capabilities and how this new technology will provide better outcomes for people and businesses in Wales and the South West. 

Embrace digital change without compromising your reputation
10:50  to  11:10

Now more than ever, customers and staff members’ expectations from business technology are high. Digital transformation helps businesses to quickly meet these expectations by exploiting new opportunities and adapting to change quickly – however the move to agile working presents security threats. In this session Steve Benton, Deputy CISO and Cyber and Physical Security Operations Director at BT will share how to ensure your new normal includes a flexible and secure infrastructure so that you can feel secure – and protect your reputation. 

Green Tech Innovation
11:10  to  11:30

Ian Caveney will cover BT’s Green Tech Innovation platform, which enables us to work collaboratively with customers to develop break-through green technology and reach Net Zero.

This session will explore the significant green tech opportunities that occur due to workplace change. BT’s Green Tech Innovation platform supports the UK’s net zero transition by seeking the latest technologies and supporting organisations to develop break-through green technology.   

Panel discussion
11:30  to  12:00

We’ll close with a panel discussion and Q&A with our speakers for any questions you may have.